Major Solar Storm + Black Supermoon July 31st Will Hit Earth The Same Day

A coronal hole is about to be pointed directly at Earth on the same day it is bathed in the mysterious non-light of a black supermoon. Coincidence or cosmic disaster in the making?

“The first of the streams is expected to arrive on Aug. 1st, followed by two more in rapid succession on Aug. 4th. Polar geomagnetic unrest and possibly some minor magnetic storms are possible on those dates.”

Coronal what? The cosmic watchdog site put out a warning this week (nothing like short notice) that three large openings in the solar corona – the aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun – are occurring this week. Is this a big deal? Potentially, because coronal holes are breaches in the Sun’s magnetic field which allow giant clouds of plasma to burst forth and stream out like a liquid from a pinhole in a water balloon. However, is THIS ONE a big deal? Maybe, because this particular pinhole will be pointed directly at Earth and its emission will not get us wet but cause geomagnetic (solar) storms. And there’s three of them aiming at the planet starting on August 1st. Should you cancel your vacation plans? Did you get that optional solar storm insurance? Click to Read More