el paso texas shooting

PATRICK CRUSIUS El Paso, Texas Shooters Manifesto

(UPDATE) After The El Paso, Texas Shooting today in Walmart here is some things we know about Patrick Crusius

A picture of the 21 Year Old El Paso, Tx Shooter

Below is his Manifesto explaining why he did it…

(GSNEWS Opinion) Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been victims to this sick individual. There is no reason to deliberately go out seeking people to kill. We also can’t blame guns for this as its not the gun but the individual behind them with a sick mind. Im sure there will be many democrats crying over what happened and saying we need gun control but just know that this is an issue brought on by MANY things that are being tucked away & not talked about. Until these things are solved it will not stop no matter how much we want it too.